daily menu


Octopus carpaccio, smoked aubergine

Fish with samphire and caviar vinegraitte

Beef tartare with crunchy quinoa, truffle mayo, crustini

Fava with truffle oil, variety of pickles


Santorinian salad with cherry tomatoes, zuchinni, peppers, onion, cappers,capper leaves, samphire, mizithra cheese of crete island, carob cracker

Mixed green leaves, melichloron cheese of Limnos island, green apple,strawberry dressing, poppy seeds

Spinach, lolo rosso, cherry tomatoes, carob cracker, bococcini mozzarela,mushrooms, spear mint dressing

Salad with zuchinni, cucumber, chevre goat cheese,spear mint, poppy seeds, croutons, citrus vinegraitte

Main courses

Skioufihta traditional pasta of crete,mediteranean veggies, mizithra cheese of crete island

Sea bream fillet, cherry tomatoes, fennel, basil, cappers cream

Butterflied sea bass, baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, o vin blanc

Tagliatelle with shrimps, confi tomato sauce, bisque

Tomahawk beef steak, edamame beans, baby corn, aromatic butter, sea salt

Pork belly, sweet potato puree, rose chutnei, asparagus

Chicken roulade with baby spinach, mushrooms, truffle oil,Baby carrots, potato puree, espresso demiglasse


Premium bowl with milk chocolate

Premium bowl with mango yoghurt

Premium bowl with bitter chocolate

Premium bowl with blackcherry yoghurt

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